Episode 332

231: How To Win a War on Drugs, Russian Facebook Ads are BS, Trump and the NFL


September 27th, 2017

1 hr 50 mins 45 secs

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Chris Spangle and Harry Price Discuss:

  • NFL Protests, Trump making useful idiots out of Boomers
  • How to Win a War on Drugs
  • Trump’s New Travel Ban
  • Rand Paul’s Healthcare Demands, Graham.Cassidy Dead
  • Alabama Senate Race a test of Bannon and McConnell, Foreshadows of 2018
  • Should Twitter Ban Trump?
  • Obama warns Facebook over Fake ads, but their investigation exposes Russia investigation as fake
  • Social media propels AfD into German Reich
  • Equifax CEO Steps Down. What Happened? Is your information at risk?
  • Preview of the League of Liberty Podcast
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