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We Are Libertarians bring you all of the irreverence modern politics deserves while putting people before political parties. We examine current events from a libertarian perspective with the goal of leaving you better informed. Join Chris Spangle and other cohosts twice a week as we apply the libertarian philosophy to the news. Learn more about us at http://wearelibertarians.com/ Snapchat/Twitter: WeRLibertarians, IG/Facebook: WeAreLibertarians, editor@wearelibertarians.com

Our contributors represent the broad spectrum of viewpoints within libertarian philosophy to bring you a balanced look at the world. As long as it fits within the basic principles of libertarianism, we want to share it and let you sort out what you believe. With nearly 20 millennial contributors, the site is uniquely positioned to express the libertarian vision of the future. Despite this youth, our contributors bring a combined 35 years experience of political activism, party leadership, campaign leadership, issue activism, and journalism.

Disclaimer: This site and its content is not an endorsement of any political group, candidate, or party. All of the opinions are those of the individual author making the statement. The views of each contributor do not reflect the opinion of their employer or other contributors.

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