Episode Archive

747 episodes of We Are Libertarians with Chris Spangle since the first episode, which aired on July 9th, 2009.

  • Shill Report 5: Casey Hendrickson, Amash Coverage, Jay Carney

    July 28th, 2013  |  1 hr 24 secs

    Ryan, Chris, and Joe learn what it is like to be a local talk radio show host from Casey Hendrickson, and then discuss coverage of the Amash amendment, and Jay Carney has another bad week.

  • 53: Detroit, Amash, and Superficial Politics

    July 28th, 2013  |  1 hr 24 mins

    Chris and Greg discuss what is responsible for the downfall of Detroit, the Amash amendment, and the superficial politics of Sydney Leathers.

  • Shill Report 4: Rolling Stone, Zimmerman, and State Run Media

    July 20th, 2013  |  1 hr 16 mins

    We give a different perspective on the Rolling Stone kerfuffle, the media and Zimmerman, and Bradley Manning.

  • 52: Cheney, Centrists, and Obamacare

    July 19th, 2013  |  1 hr 51 mins

    Chris, Creighton, Greg, and Gena discuss the war inside the GOP, where centrists fit in American politics, and discuss the latest developments in Obamacare.

  • Shill Report 3: Zimmerman News Network

    July 12th, 2013  |  57 mins 40 secs

    We discuss the wall to wall coverage of the Zimmerman trial.

  • 51: DUI Stops, Kokesh, and a Moral Foreign Policy

    July 12th, 2013  |  1 hr 36 mins

    Chris, Greg, and Gena discuss the LPTN DUI stop viral video, we lend support to Adam Kokesh, and discuss what a moral foreign policy looks like.

  • Shill Report 2: James Clapper, Egypt, Are Bloggers Journalists?

    July 5th, 2013  |  1 hr 4 mins

    Ryan, Chris, and Joe discuss the media’s response to James Clapper’s perjury, the media’s lack of coverage of Egypt, and Dick Durbin’s disturbing anti-first amendment stance.

  • 50: Reflections, Egypt, Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom

    July 4th, 2013  |  1 hr 31 mins

    Chris, Creighton, Greg, Gena, Joe, Miah and Travis Weik celebrate the 50th episode of WAL by recommending some favorite moments and then discuss the Egyptian protests. We also ask, Should a military chaplain be forced to officiate a same-sex marriage if they are morally opposed to it?

  • Shill Report 1: Is the Media Defending the Government or Us?

    June 29th, 2013  |  1 hr 4 mins

    Ryan Ripley hosts a weekly discussion on the media with co-hosts, Chris Spangle and Joe Ruiz. We discuss the world of media and journalism from a libertarian perspective, with the mission of persuading listeners to think critically about the media they consume. This week we examine the NSA spying scandal.

  • Chris Spangle’s First Radio Show

    June 29th, 2013  |  41 mins 19 secs

    In April of 2005, Andrew Lee and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz gave me (Chris Spangle) an hour of air time one Saturday at the end of my internship at WXNT.

  • 49: Propaganda, Immigration Bill, and Racial Politics

    June 27th, 2013  |  1 hr 54 mins

    Chris, Greg, and Gena discuss the propaganda put out by the media on Snowden, the Immigration bill, and quick discussions on several other stories from the week.

  • 48: Is Snowden a Traitor? Is Patriotism a Bad Thing?

    June 14th, 2013  |  1 hr 23 mins

    Chris, Creighton, Greg, Gena, and Joe discuss the NSA and if Edward Snowden is a hero. Miah then drops in and we debate the concept of nationalism/patriotism.