• Chris Spangle

    Chris Spangle has hosted 336 episodes.

    `Chris Spangle was raised in Plainfield, Indiana. He attended IUPUI where he was the College Republicans President during the 2004 elections. While working on Andy Horning’s Congressional campaign in 2004, Horning inspired Spangle to research the libertarian philosophy. Spangle went on to work at Newstalk 1430 AM, WXNT for five years as a producer and reporter. During his last year where he was the producer of “Abdul in the Morning,” the premier political talk show in Indianapolis. It was during this time that he witnessed first-hand how broken the two-party system is, although he had been a life-long Republican, he decided to work to grow the Libertarian Party of Indiana and to affect social and political change in a libertarian direction.

    Spangle served as the full-time Executive Director of the LPIN in October of 2008 and left in December of 2012. He went on to work in marketing for the Englehart Group, a political consulting and marketing firm in Indianapolis. He also served as the Marketing Director of the Advocates for Self-Government, the premier libertarian organization giving libertarians the tools to share the message with the general public effectively. He now works as the digital director of a nationally syndicated morning show.

    Spangle resides in Indianapolis, IN with his two cats, Mittens and Muffins.



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  • Harry Price

    Harry Price has hosted 55 episodes.

    No bio provided.


  • Brett Bittner

    Brett Bittner has hosted 24 episodes.

    A lifelong libertarian, Brett Bittner serves as the Region 3 Alternate on the Libertarian National Committee. Previously, he served as the Executive Director for the Libertarian Party of Georgia for four years. He also served as Chairman of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance.

    Having worked with many candidates (as well as being a twice-elected Libertarian), campaigns, issue-based groups, and in the Party structure, he provides a unique insight into politics, specifically in getting Libertarians elected to office and influencing policy in a libertarian direction.

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  • Brian Nichols

    Brian Nichols has hosted 7 episodes.

    B.A. in Political Science with a concentration in American Government and A.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Management and have served on 5 political campaigns, ranging from small, local elections to campaigns for United States Congress.

    I have a strong desire to share and discuss a libertarian perspective on today's pressing issues. I am currently an Associate Editor for The Libertarian Republic. In the meantime, I enjoy watching the Dallas Cowboys, reruns of The Office on Netflix, and going to the gym to become a ""swole bro"".

    Feel free to follow me on Twitter for your daily dose of political snark and rapid-fire analysis!

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  • Chloe Anagnos

    Chloe Anagnos has hosted 11 episodes.

    Chloe Anagnos is a writer, publicist, and digital marketer.

    Her work has been the subject of articles on the FOX News, USA Today, CNN Money, and WIRED websites. She has been a contributing writer and political commentator for media outlets around the country. Anagnos is also a frequent panelist on subjects like political marketing, campaigning, social media, and leadership.

    From July 2015 to September 2016, she worked as the media director for The Advocates for Self-Government, a non-partisan, non-profit, educational organization. Her work allowed her to empower those who love liberty to become highly successful at taking the ideas of individual freedom and responsibility, free markets, and peace to the world.

    Anagnos has interviewed public figures like journalist Laura Ling, former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and water activist Alexandra Cousteau.

    In 2016, she was named as one of Indianapolis’ most promising up and coming young talent in Vol. 9 of Pattern Magazine.

    She earned degrees from Ball State University in journalism and telecommunications.

    Anagnos volunteers her spare time with the Indianapolis chapter of America’s Future Foundation, the Miss America Organization, and the Arthritis Foundation.

    When she isn’t traveling, she spends most of her time between Indiana, Texas, and Washington DC.

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  • Chris Gault

    Chris Gault has hosted 40 episodes.

    No bio provided.

  • Creighton Harrington

    Creighton Harrington has hosted 67 episodes.

    Former YAL employee.

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  • Dakota Davis

    Dakota Davis has hosted 6 episodes.

    Dakota is diligently trying to provide a Libertarian stance from a young millennial's point of view. I'm the Boss Hog's partner in crime. Let's try to keep it PG-18 boys.


  • Hannah Cook

    Hannah Cook has hosted 7 episodes.

    "Does anyone actually care?
    For those who do, the short version: wife. dog mom. A former political staffer who doesn't really care that much anymore. I primarily find enjoyment in making fun of Spangle."

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  • James Nease

    James Nease has hosted 12 episodes.

    Sup bruh.


  • Jeremiah Morrell

    Jeremiah Morrell has hosted 13 episodes.

    "Host of the Boss Hog of Liberty. Jeremiah is a former candidate for the Libertarian Party, managed Rex Bell's statewide campaign for Governor of Indiana, and President of the Henry County Memorial Park Board.

    Jeremiah is an avid Indy Car fan and his day job is selling steel to build "muh roads."

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  • Maranda Barnett

    Maranda Barnett has hosted 5 episodes.

    I grew up on the west side of indianapolis. I was an only child raised by my grandparents. I became the single mother of a daughter at 16 and have been on my own since I was 17. My mother is a crackhead and my father is a dead dead beat. I am a lover of all things Harry Potter, Britney Spears, and bacon. Snapchat: Princessmaranda1219

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  • Matt Wittlief

    Matt Wittlief has hosted 5 episodes.

    Matt Wittlief is a libertarian working as a consultant and leader inside an analytics technology start-up based in the Bay Area. Matt has been active in the Libertarian Party serving in a variety of local, state, and national roles and ran for U.S. House in 2016 on the LP ticket. More of a strategist than traditional activist, Matt likes to study history, economics, and political science and bring his ideas and insights to others as an author. He resides in Indiana with his wife and three kids.

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  • Sara Potter

    Sara Potter has hosted 3 episodes.

    Sara is in the teaching profession. She is most passionate about helping others succeed and supporting friends and family through their endeavors. She enjoys talking about food, politics, and anything Indiana. She was brought to the WAL cast by a generous donation of $50 to come to a live podcast at Morty's Comedy Joint, and has been around ever since. She is also the First Lady of the Boss Hogg of Liberty, Jeremiah Morrell.

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  • Shane Zoellner

    Shane Zoellner has hosted 4 episodes.

    Entrepreneur and at-large committee member for the Marion County Libertarian Party

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  • Tad Western

    Tad Western has hosted 24 episodes.

    Tad Western is a man's man. A true national treasure that speaks his mind with fiery informed tongue. Tad likes his whiskey neat and his women messy.

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Retired Hosts

  • Chris Mayo

    Chris Mayo has hosted 10 episodes.

    Husband, father, commercial aviation maintenance manager, and veteran. Former Libertarian Party of Marion County (Indiana) chairman and former candidate for U.S. Congress.

    My hobbies include dirt biking, working out, and spending time outdoors with my family.

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  • Marshall Fritz

    Marshall Fritz has hosted 4 episodes.

    Marshall Fritz was a legendary and beloved libertarian leader who founded the Advocates for Self-Government and created the world-famous World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

    He was an innovator and a genius. He was a brilliant speaker and was extremely personable. He opened many people’s eyes to new ideas and new ways of thinking. He was one of those rare people who literally changed the world.

    Marshall died peacefully at home Tuesday, November 4, 2008, after a months-long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 65.

    Marshall founded the Advocates in 1985 to help libertarians become successful communicators of the ideas of liberty.

    In 1987, Marshall invented the now world-famous World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

    The Quiz expanded on a chart created by Libertarian Party co-founder David Nolan. Marshall refined Nolan’s chart and added ten simple questions on political issues. In doing so, he created a Quiz that almost instantly tells takers which political group they are most aligned with, while also introducing them to a far more diverse, and accurate, multi-spectrum portrait of American politics.

    The Quiz was an overnight sensation.

    “Marshall’s remarkable little Quiz won so many millions of readers over the years that I used to tell him that he really was one of America’s most widely-read writers,” said Advocates for Self-Government President Sharon Harris. “Twenty million plus readers – that’s up there with Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Tom Clancy!”

    Since 1987, over ten million card versions of the Quiz have been distributed. On the internet, an online version of the Quiz has been taken over 17 million times. Thousands continue to take it online every day.

    Educators found the Quiz to be a natural for classroom use, and today it appears in the supplemental material for some of America’s most popular high school and college textbooks.

    The Quiz reached still more millions by being reprinted or discussed in innumerable newspapers and magazines, including the Washington Post, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Miami Herald, and the London Sunday Times.

    Marshall remained active with the Advocates until his death, serving on its Board of Directors.

    In 1994 Marshall founded the Alliance for the Separation of School & State, and was chairman of its Board at the time of his death. For 12 years, he was a leading spokesman for the idea that ending state, federal, and local government involvement in schooling can strengthen the family and improve education for all children.

    He was almost single-handedly responsible for bringing the phrase “separation of school and state” into the vernacular.

    He was the lead author of the “Proclamation for the Separation of School and State,” which states simply “I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in education.”

    Worldwide, more than 30,000 individuals have endorsed the Proclamation. Prominent signatories include educators ranging from John Taylor Gatto to Mary Pride and Thomas Szasz; business people such as Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza; religious leaders from the late D. James Kennedy and Tim LaHaye, to Rabbi Daniel Lapin and the late Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.; and from Congressman Ron Paul to former U.S. Secretary of Interior and Energy and also former president of Focus on the Family, Don Hodel.

    Marshall was born in California in 1943 and earned a B.A. from California State University Fullerton in 1964. A devout Catholic, he and his wife of 44 years, Joan, lived in Fresno, California. They had four grown children and a dozen grandchildren.

    “Marshall was a bigger-than-life character,” said Sharon Harris, president of the Advocates. “He had a deep and profound effect on the liberty movement. He touched untold millions of lives. He criss-crossed the U.S. many times and traveled the world, sharing his passions with everyone he met. He loved people, and was equally interested in and comfortable talking with waiters, high school students, religious leaders, CEOs, and political leaders.

    “He was the personification of the old Reader’s Digest title, ‘My Most Unforgettable Character,’” Sharon Harris added. “His life was a grand adventure, and all who were lucky enough to spend a little or a lot of time with him will never forget him. He was funny, passionate, brilliant, and one-of-a-kind.”



  • Rob Kendall

    Rob Kendall has hosted 24 episodes.

    Rob Kendall is a radio host in Indianapolis and the mortal enemy of Chris Spangle. He also once interviewed Donald Trump.

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  • Ryan Ripley

    Ryan Ripley has hosted 21 episodes.

    No bio provided.

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  • Greg Lenz

    Greg Lenz has hosted 206 episodes.

    My name is Greg Lenz. I enjoy good wine, conversation, and cigars. I currently run an internet marketing company in Indianapolis. I would describe myself as a Libertarian Republican. I say that because I’m a Libertarian in principle, but a Republican in practice. I do vote for Libertarians from time to time, but usually I back Conservative Republicans. I know that it’s that kind of thinking that stops Libertarian growth, but if I vote for a Libertarian and a Republican loses because of it, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.

    One might ask how do I see my role within the Libertarian party then? Well, I see myself as more of a buttress to the party rather than a pillar, in that I support it from the outside. I’ve been profoundly influenced by the writings of Ayn Rand and consider The Fountainhead a book that changed the course of my life. Most of my political beliefs are the result of an Objectivist framework.

    It’s an honor to be a part of this website and I hope my contributions are entertaining, informative, and challenge your beliefs on a daily basis. If you wish to contact me I can be reached at

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  • Cat Anagnos

    Cat Anagnos has hosted 14 episodes.

    Cat Anagnos was born on a cold winter evening of November 2nd, 1996. After hours of pushing, the second coming of Christ took place. Now battling social justice warriors at Ball State University by exploiting their crippling anxiety and depression, she's determined to make one thing clear: She is the funnier Anagnos sister.

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  • Chris Peffers

    Chris Peffers has hosted 13 episodes.

    I have a beard.


  • Daniel Peffers

    Daniel Peffers has hosted 14 episodes.

    Studied at Free Range University. Works at Feel Good Inc. Lives in Denver, CO.

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  • Gena Martinez

    Gena Martinez has hosted 26 episodes.

    No bio provided.

  • Joe Ruiz

    Joe Ruiz has hosted 48 episodes.

    Teacher / Writer / Political Aficionado / Pop Culture Enthusiast / MBA / Ukulele Tinkerer / Puerto Rican / Freemason / Marketing Guy / Podcaster / Family Man / Pun Ninja / Pro Wrestling Fan


  • Miah Akston

    Miah Akston has hosted 21 episodes.

    No bio provided.

  • Seth

    Seth has hosted 7 episodes.

    Seth is anonymous due to work reasons.